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Thunderbolt Tb Hi Mid 6 7 6



The MID6 range is designed for exceptional mid-length performance in all wave types. Its features include a fine round pin tail, curvy plan shape, smooth rocker with a touch of nose flip, making it comfortable for deep pocket turns and long open-face arcs. The board has high nose rails transitioning to a tucked midsection and low hard tail, offering a balanced drive through sections and maintaining control during tight turns. While the MID6 excels in everyday surf conditions, it can handle serious waves comfortably.

Bill has masterfully integrated six channels into the design, striking a perfect balance. These channels are not overly aggressive, allowing for easy manoeuvrability, line adjustments, and arc length modifications on the wave’s face. With the channels positioned between your feet, turning response is immediate, and acceleration is unmatched.

The MID6 dispels the notion that channel bottoms are only effective in clean waves; it performs well in all conditions.
A fun machine for SA’s south coast but stiil the board you’d include in your travel quiver,the Mid 6 will cover a wide range of conditions.

Available only in FCS2 finbox

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Colour: Candy Wht