• Sun City - Dead Kooks - Globe Skateboard | $259.00

    Eden Saul is one of Australia's most iconic shapers, making surfboards with eye catching resin tints and paints. Dead Kooks x Globe is a tight collection designed to highlight Eden's art and the highly covetable surfboards he creates.

    The Sun City in Dead Kooks Gold/Marble is a Resin-7 hard rock maple mid-sized surf inspired swallow-tail cruiser. Featuring Resin-7 hard rock maple, mellow concave with kick tail and 5.25" Tensor alloy trucks. Also features 62mm 78a wheels, clear broadcast grip and EVA tail pad.

  • Tech

      Long length Resin-8 hard rock maple diamond-tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft conical wheels, 6.0" Tensor alloy trucks and 62mm 78a soft conical wheels. 36.25" x 9.75" x 21.5"WB  


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