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    • Sweet Spot Surfboard | DHD

      The Sweetspot 2.0 is made extra strong to withstand the powerful surf at the worlds best surf locations.

      Surf this board shorter than your normal step-up, you can relive your surf trips when the waves are pumping at home.



  • Tech


      Glassing — 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 Bullet Proof

      Rocker — More Rocker in the Nose

      Concave — Single to Double Concave

      Carbon — Carbon Re-enforcements Fin’s & Tail

      Fins — Five Fin *FCS 2 or Futures


      The ultimate all rounder, the perfect travelling companion and your go to board for when the surf conditions at home are pumping. ULTIMATE COMBINATION OF PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY


      The widest point is more forward, increasing volume in the nose area and dropping the entry rocker slightly, the BD paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.

      Extreme Boardriders DHD Sweet Spot


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