• Adventure Paddleboard Fifty Fifty MX 10'"4 | 

    The Adventure Paddleboarding Fifty Fifty Stand Up Paddleboard is designed for flat water paddling. This high volume stable board is ideal for beginners and families as well as a little small wave riding

    OUTLINE: The  full outline and generous width throughout provides exceptional stability during flat water excursions. A wider nose and tail helps make the board forgiving.

  • ROCKER:  A flat section through the length of the board helps maintain flow and forward acceleration in flat water.

    VOLUME: While most of the volume resides through the mid-section, the nose and tail have been foiled to enhance turning sensitivity. Soft, high volume rails provide exceptional stability and are very forgiving when pivoting off the tail.

    FEATURES: Versatile 2 + 1 set up with FCS II side plugs let you customise the feel for different conditions. Comfortable cavity handle for convenient transportation, soft deck traction with integrated arch bar and tail kick. Additional nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone, plus a bonus nose plug for mounting a GoPro.

    Production weight 10'4'-13.2kg 

  • All Adventure Paddleboard SUPs use 16kg Density EPS foam

  • 10'4'' x 32 1/2'' x 5 7/8'' @ 210 litres volume

  • Suggested rider weight up to 120kg

  • Fin included

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